ADRIFT – a love letter to the fog of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Earl says: When BW was about to leave, she asked me if I’d like to post at the BookwormRoom….I gulped, and said……”Sure”. Y’all are so patient – I hope that it will last the 26 days until our beloved Bookworm gets back from her European cruise!

Here’s my first offering:

Simon Christen’s magical video will enchant anyone who loves SF and the Bay, as I do. And to those of you who visit from elsewhere, I hope it will give you a very different feeling about the often cold and clammy gray stuff that envelopes you at times – especially in the summer!

“In the last 3 years since I released my time lapse film “The Unseen Sea” I have been, almost obsessively, collecting new footage from all over the SF Bay Area. In my hunt for the perfect fog, I discovered a type of magic that would only occur over the first ridge of the Marin Headlands and the Golden Gate Bridge. This is where “Adrift” was born.

“I hope you enjoy Adrift and thank you for watching.”