I’m back — sort of

We got home a couple of hours ago, and my brain is mush.  In addition to 19 hours of travel time from leaving the hotel room to getting home, I had insomnia the night before we left, so I started off pretty ragged.  I’m not capable any more of rational thought.  I’m just focusing on staying awake until 9:00 tonight, so that I can try to head off the jet lag.  I also have 20,100 unread emails in my Bookworm email and 5,000 in my “real me” email.  (No kidding.  Those are real numbers.)  That’s what happens when you have only about 3 minutes of internet access a day for 26 days.

I’m giving you guys fair warning that I’m almost certainly going to throw up my hands in defeat and delete those emails.  If it’s important, PLEASE WRITE ME AGAIN.

I’ll be back to writing ASAP.  Until then, I’m just so glad to be home….