Friday morning mashup

I seem to be incapable of deep thought this morning, so I’ll just share with you stuff I found interesting, from the deep to the ridiculous.

Let’s start out with silly stuff, for all the dog lovers out there.

I love Stephen Hayward’s proposal for presidential debates:  let the candidates pick the questions they want to have asked of their opponents.

If you’ve been following the disgraceful rodeo clown kerfuffle (disgraceful not because Obama got treated like an ordinary mortal, but because the race hustlers want him to be treated like a king), you’ll appreciate this reminder that rodeo “clowns” aren’t clowns at all but are, instead, bull distractors, which is one of the scarier jobs out there.

Charles Krauthammer says what others have been saying about Obama’s appalling lawlessness, but he says it better.  As for me, I blame the media.  It’s job is to be the watchdog, not the lapdog.  The media has totally failed in its obligation to keep the powerful honest.

I think Jonah Goldberg is on to something:  Americans have recognized that the Middle East is a black hole that cannot be saved.

And David Goldman is on to something too:  we ain’t seen nothing yet when it comes to the Middle East.

Ann Coulter’s riff on the Dems’ increasingly tattered race card makes for enjoyable reading.

Keith Koffler gives a little insight into Obama’s ancien regime holiday.

You’re a highly trained credit to the American military — but you’re put in the corner with a dunce cap because you oppose gay marriage.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Mike McDaniel has forgotten more about guns, gun safety, and personal safety, than most people will ever know.  That’s why it’s so fascinating when he ruminates on things such as “warning shots,” imminent danger, and reasonable risk avoidance versus reasonable shooting.

Anything interesting on your radars this morning? Oh, and some Glenn Miller, just for fun: