Crazy Day Squared, but the Watcher’s Council lives on

I meant to blog all day today, but I just ran from one fire to the other.  I never put anything out.  I just got the embers to smolder instead of blaze.  I’ve been rocketing along since 5:30 this morning, trying to write for Mr. Conservative (we’re missing a person) and putting to bed my second demurrer of the week.  Yikes!  I’m terribly worried that the demurrer will contain references to Syria and that one of my Mr. Conservative posts will explain why a breach of contract action wasn’t pleaded correctly.  I’m doing the writer’s equivalent of juggling burning clubs and knives.  And just to make things a little bit more difficult, there’s something wrong with my internet connection.  My download speeds are reminiscent of dial-up connections, circa 1994.

Since I’m clearly not going to write on my blog today, please consider this an Open Thread for the wee hours of tonight and the early hours tomorrow.

Also, I also forget that today is the day to vote on Watcher’s Council submissions.  Rob, of JoshuaPundit, who is also our wonderful Watcher, was kind enough to send me a reminder, rather than just knocking me out of the running for voting late.  Here’s what I’m speed-reading through and, as always, I can’t recommend these posts highly enough.

Council Submissions

Honorable Mentions

Non-Council Submissions