Satire for your reading pleasure

Did you know that the military has it’s own version of the inimitable Onion?  For those unfamiliar with the Onion, it is a brilliant satire site — and frankly, in today’s world, it’s very hard to maintain satire when the reality in which we live is so ridiculous and bizarre.

Anyway, a friend of mine directed me to a site called The Duffle Blog, which is a military satire site. It’s dedicated to churning out such articles as “US Praises Massacre Of Syrian Civilians Without Use Of Chemical Weapons.”  Yes, that’s exactly what happened when, for two years, our President was content to sit by as more than 100,000 Syrians died.  We all know that this whole “let’s bomb ’em” thing is because Obama has to make good on last year’s off the cuff about crossing a “red line.”  Another incredibly funny one is “Admin Error Sends Bradley Manning to Death Row, Nidal Hasan to Gender Reassignment Surgery.”  Even the title is funny.

I wrote a post for Mr. Conservative about Obama’s proposed intervention in Syria, and ended up distilling in the last paragraph my problem with this whole nerve gas thing.  The lead-in to this paragraph was a quotation from Obama admitting that Americans are weary of war and dubious about any benefits resulting from lending America’s might and, possibly, her blood to yet another Middle East war, especially one that involves combatants that are both enemies of America:

In a narrow way, Obama is correct: The world does hold chemical weapons in abhorrence. We also know, though, that when Muslim nations in the Middle East go to war, they have a history of resorting to the utmost barbarity. In the context of their warfare, it’s very hard to say that a gas attack is any worse than cannibalism, random beheadings, and the use of children to commit their bloody acts. In other words, in the Middle East, the people themselves are the weapons of mass destruction.

Incidentally, if you want a good analysis about just how little Syrian fighters, Syrian affairs, and Syrian outcomes matter to America, primarily because the battle is internecine Muslim warfare, you can find one on my blog . . . in the comments section, from Kevin_B, a young Belgian man.