Come on, Patrick Howley. Tell us what you REALLY think about Stephanie Cutter

I haven’t seen CNN’s newly re-booted Crossfire, but Patrick Howley did.  Howley does not think highly of Stephanie Cutter, who lied her way through Obama’s campaign and still land on her feet as a well-paid talking (or squawking) head on the “Obama mania media”.  How much does Howley dislike Cutter?  This much:

A loathsome creature like Stephanie Cutter, the roots jutting out from her blonde dye job as black as the recesses of her soul, can push her way onto national television to sit next to a former Speaker of the House and two sitting U.S. senators. A charmless, dead-eyed, tacky sociopath with no sense of ethics, an empty shell spewing her flat-throated bile without the slightest trace of self-awareness, can beat all of us to the front of the Darwinian line.

A figure of hatred and dishonesty, a person devoid of any pleasantness or redeeming human value, a treadmill-stomping, Starbucks-chugging monument to modern self-absorption, someone incapable of appreciating good art, fine food, or the love or kindness of her fellow man, can shove and kick and lie her way ahead of the rest of us in this misbegotten society. This unmitigated monster can appear before us, talentless, grating, fraudulently tanned, thrusting in our faces the career trophies she earned simply because we didn’t care enough to stop her from getting them.

And that’s just the intro!  You really should read the whole thing.  It’s positively Shakespearean in its venom.  I can’t say I disagree with it.  I only wish Howley had gone on for a few more paragraphs to give us the full flavor.

The following video does not show the real Stephanie Cutter, but it could be: