Is Obama this disciplined and clever?

A friend wrote me about Mark Levin’s theory, and now you can read about that theory in this article:

According to sources in Congress and the White House, Barack Obama is preparing to usurp the Constitutional power of Congress to control the purse strings of the federal government. The Obama plan entails using the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to bypass Congress on the upcoming debt ceiling debate and unilaterally raise the debt ceiling without the approval of Congress.

On Thursday Mark Levin cited several Congressional sources who have told him that Obama has no intention of negotiating with Congress on the debt, which is just under $17 trillion, the highest in U.S. history. When unfunded liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare are added in, the real debt is over $125 trillion — a figure so astronomically high that the country has no hope of ever paying it back. Uncontrolled spending has led the nation to this point.

According to Levin, Congressional sources say that Obama does not want any limits on his spending ability, in spite of the fact that the Constitution specifically gives Congress the power to control spending. Further, the use of the 14th Amendment to bypass Congress has never been done before. Thus, such an act would be an entirely new “interpretation” of the 14th Amendment and would raise a plethora of Constitutional issues concerning separation of powers.

Are we paranoid to believe this?  Or are we living in the zone of “even paranoid people have enemies?”  And if he does usurp the House’s power of the purse, do you think the House will respond with a bill of impeachment.

Frankly, when I read that Obama’s hyper-politicized Pentagon is set to court martial military chaplains who are continuing to perform mass, I begin to think that this administration is capable of anything.  (H/T:  Danny Lemieux)  Of course, this could be a hoax.  After all, there is a bill funding the military which would, presumably, keep those chaplains chaplaining.  Indeed, I can’t begin to imagine the outrage should the administration deprive troops of access to mass.

UPDATE:  The Anchoress, who knows these things, tells me that “The masses ARE going on at Quantico and rites like Baptism will go on too, but probably with outside priests or deacons which shouldn’t be a problem.  That press release was updated but apparently some didn’t get it.”