A little flotsam, a little jetsam

The following three links don’t have anything to do with each other, but I wanted to bring each to your attention.

First, an article by Ben Sasse about Obamacare’s horrible, inherent flaws.  The article is great on its own terms.  It’s also worth reading because Sasse is running for the U.S. Senate seat for Nebraska as the “anti-Obama care” candidate.  What’s fascinating is that he raised more money more quickly than any candidate ever in Nebraska history.  Like Ted Cruz, he’s an Ivy League graduate, which doesn’t particularly impress me (I have a very low opinion of the Leftist Ivy Leagues) but it certainly make it more difficult for Democrats to deride these men as brainless idiots.

Second, I simply liked this story about a young Israeli whose preexisting medical condition gave him an easy out from the Army, but who nudged and nagged and worked for a year and half so that he could be allowed to serve his country.

Third, an Army officer is awarded the Medal of Honor.  When the headlines wear us down, it’s important to remember that 40 years of Leftist political and cultural drift haven’t entirely destroyed the American character.