It’s so quiet here, but it smells delicious

Sorry about the silence, but this has been a very domestic day.  The greatest amount of time has been given over to shopping for and preparing to cook chicken soup and matzoh balls.  Although I’m usually a truly terrible cook, my chicken soup with matzoh balls could easily win a prize.  I boast about it because, when you’re as bad and disinterested a cook as I am, you have to celebrate your triumphs.  Anything this good, of course, doesn’t come easy, so I’ve spent the last three hours laboring in the kitchen so as to get the ingredients prepped and simmering (in the case of the soup) and chilling (in the case of the matzoh dough).  Phase two, which takes another hour and a half or so, begins in two hours.

All of this is in honor of a relative who is in the Bay Area and who is, very nicely, driving up to Marin from the Peninsula just to see us.  I think anyone who goes to that effort for our company deserves a good meal.

Please consider this an open thread while I regroup.