Catching my breath Open Thread

I went swimming this morning, which is the next phase in my recovery. Hmmm . . . did I say swimming? It wasn’t really. I was in a pool, but between a dysfunctional left shoulder and a mostly dysfunctional left knee, I couldn’t even manage a good dog paddle. But it did feel wonderful. I’ve been fighting gravity so hard for the past three-and-half weeks that it was marvelous to know I couldn’t fall.

The whole process was time-consuming, which is frustrating for me because I’m normally a person who moves through life very quickly. I have to get used to the fact that getting my wet towel and swimsuit out of the car is now a laborious five-minute task. If nothing else, this whole experience has made me more grateful than ever for the good health I normally enjoy and, I hope, more compassionate towards those with mobility problems.

While I get up to speed, please have fun with this Open Thread.