The Bookworm Beat (9/30/14) — Illustrated edition, and Open Thread

Blogging is a challenge today, because the high-speed internet for the whole neighborhood has a problem. Comcast is working on the problem, and believes it will fix everything by 6 p.m. For now, though, the internet comes and goes quite randomly, so I’ll try to squeeze in something quick while I can. Posters seems quick:

Marine negotiating warning

Obama lacks intelligence

Catch 22 with Islamic extremists

Instant gratification race

Your respectable gun carrying customer

Liberal logic on abortions

Obama's priorities re terrorists and citizens

If only the duck guys were in charge of security

No spending problem

Blame the Republicans

Fair taxes in America

Michelle and Obama voluntarily surrendered their law licenses

West on Blacks welfare and slavery

Andrew Tahmooressi unable to get into America from Mexico

Obama's rules of engagement

D'Souza v Ayers

ISIS wants a Bergdahl deal

If you teach a liberal how to fish

Many thanks to Caped Crusader and Sadie, who sent me all of these wonderful posters.