The Bookworm Beat (10/27/14) — The illustrated edition (and Open Thread)

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa for today’s silence.  It’s been family, family, family since I posted my review of Dennis Koller’s Kissed By The Snow: A Rob Kincaid Thriller. No complaints, though. My sister arrived in town unexpectedly and it’s a real and rare pleasure to see her. So, naturally, that trumped blogging. I’ve got a few minutes now, though, so I thought I’d start with an illustrated edition to get the ball rolling, with many thanks to Caped Crusader:

Believe government's story only when forced to watch MSM

Church bells or Muezzin

Obama on gun control v abortion

ID voting bad and broken voting machines a glitch

Crimes soar in Massachusetts when gun licenses not given out

socialism 118 killed try again

War on women joke

Shooting in Canada has liberals demanding more gun control

Patrick Henry on dangers of secretive government

Liberals hate religion and believe horoscopes

Einstein political correctness gone mad

Prison is the Democrat paradise

Controversies during Eric Holders tenure

Give up your guns or I'll sic my armed guards on you

Bacteria germs hopping ride over border

Ebola Nurses shouldn't fly on planes but West Africans can

Obama gives America the finger

Obama so help me golf

Klain not a doctor but stayed at Holiday Inn

Liberals hate vaccines but what ebola vaccine