The Bookworm Beat (11/8/14) — The illustrated edition (and Open Thread)

Since I spent yesterday learning CERT stuff (which is a good thing to do in earthquake country), I spent today, rather than my usual Saturday, being a domestic goddess. I’m pleased to say that, as a goddess, it was a good day. I got the laundry done; paid bills; cleaned the kitchen; went shopping; cooked dinner; took care of dogs, kids, and mother; and generally made myself a useful person.

About the only thing I didn’t have time for was reading, thinking, and writing. Rather than see this as a loss, I’ll look upon this weekend as a good opportunity to reboot my brain. The news has been overwhelming in so many ways lately that it’s probably good to take some time off.

Fortunately for me, given my nonexistent blogging output this weekend, Caped Crusader sent me a great batch of posters, with a special emphasis this time around on the Second Amendment. My favorite, though, doesn’t have to do with guns, but says a great deal about America’s culture, political parties, and elections. I’m placing it first, but all the posters are good:

Democrat lead in elections until Republicans get off of work

Gun How to say go away in every language

Missouri puts armed teachers in schools guns

Teddy Roosevelt on self-reliance

Carter G Woodson on the way welfare keeps blacks in the ghetto

If you don't believe in guns right to bear arms be a good victim

Spread the word about Gowdy and Cruz for Congress leadership

Gun is handheld wireless device

Gun forget dog beware of owner

Joni Ernst on the phony war on women

Gun control

Guns offend you prescription for two testicles

Clint Eastwood on fraud of Obama presidency

Gun you might break in but you won't walk out