‘Tis the season (for asking for money), plus video!

DonationI’ve noticed that a lot of my favorite sites are asking for end-of-year financial donations to help fund ongoing costs (e.g., National Review and Commentary). It seems to me that, if they can do it, there’s surely a message in there for me.

So I come to now you with begging hat in hand: If you aren’t still reeling from the Obama economy, and if the $18 trillion national debt hasn’t caused you to start hoarding your money, and if you feel that my daily maundering contributes some value to your life, perhaps you can see your way to sending me a little small change. You and I both know that I blog because I’m driven to do so, but that doesn’t mean I’m entirely immune to financial incentives.

Here’s another “if”: If you don’t want to give anything, no worries. As I said, I blog for my pleasure, and part of the joy I get from blogging is being able to create a welcoming conversational environment for all comers.

If the spirit does move you, though, you can donate by clicking on the “donate” link to the upper right or you can click here.

Finally, to get into the spirit of things, I’ve even got a theme song (which has at least a few lyrics appropriate to my situation):