The Bookworm Beat 1-27-15 — the illustrated edition and Open Thread

Sorry for the relative silence yesterday.  Life caught up.  I’ll do my mea culpa via an excellent illustrated edition, with many thinks to Caped Crusader:

Thucydides on separating warriors from scholars

Liam Neeson hypocrite

Heroes risk their lives so morons can have freedom

Obamas taken so much and given so little

Europeans will stand up for cartoonists but not for Jews

Black lives matter and MLK

Scott Walker

Obama's proposal to tax 529s

Obamanomics shrinks economy

Obama not Robin Hood he's the sheriff

Michael Moore a bloated sheep

For Obama the buck never stops

Liberals for a free press unless it decides to tell the truth

Obama will use veto to destroy vox populi

Civilized religion and uncivilized religion

Apropos this last poster, I was impressed by David Harsanyi’s point about Leftist denial re Islam:

We’ve gone from incessantly offering (appropriate) distinctions between factions of Islam to fantasizing that terrorists are a bunch of shiftless underprivileged adrenaline junkies with no particular philosophy at all. Religion is an organized collection of beliefs that makes sense of existence. Under no definition of “faith” is there a stipulation that it must be devoid of any violence.