The Bookworm Beat 1/28/15 — the illustrated edition and Open Thread

I am becoming terribly dependent on the unending supply of funny, clever, thoughtful, and often deeply profound posters that Caped Crusader is good enough to send me. Also, after looking at the first poster, it occurs to me I might want to read Frank Herbert’s Dune:

Frank herbert says power attracts corrupt people

Give me liberty I can handle the rest

Government pays for nothing taxpayers do

A salute to military who died in war

Reagan government's duty to protect people not destroy them

More freedom not more government

Part of the problem if you don't see Chris Kyle as a hero

Palin on Republicans deflated balls

Obama sits down with Glozell but not Netanyahu

Ann Coulter on Obama's ridiculous ideas

The only hero Michael Moore respects

Reagan on nation under God

Obama promises free stuff to the masses

Benjamin Franklin well done better than well said

Obama and Holder whizzing on the constitution

Box of wedding rings stolen from Holocaust victims