The Bookworm Beat 2-5-15 — The illustrated edition and Open Thread

I’m so sorry for the delay in posting an illustrated edition.  Caped Crusader sent me a batch of posters a few days ago and I managed to miss that email, which understandably perplexed him and left all of you high and dry.  With Caped Crusader’s help, though, I found the missing pictures and we’re reading to rock and roll with the latest Bookworm Room illustrated edition:

Obama and his political cronies are exempt from Obamacare

Obama is not a pizza

Hollywood idiots trash American heroes

Michael Moore hypocrite

Obama delusional or dishonest

Obama voters

White House ignores police and honors thugs

Your ignorance is Obama's power

Sharpton and Oprah profit from racism

Apply quotas to sports

Liberals ban what I don't like pay for what I do like

Taxpayer defined

Gun rights

Islamophobia defined

Democrats defined

Clinton and Epstein

Hypocrisy about gays and gas