The Bookworm Beat 2-20-15 — the illustrated edition and Open Thread

As always, I don’t have enough words to give Caped Crusader the big thank you he deserves:

Free college offered by same guy who promised cheaper health insurance

They don't care about BA in womyn's studies

C.S. Lewis on heaven and earth

Vikings seeing taxation as a plunder alternative

Obama administration worst in US history

Communism killed 100 million in 20th century

What we learn from history is that no one learns from history

Obama returns from multi-million dollar vacation to lecture on income inequality

Thomas Paine on peace and trouble

Mark Twain on people and dog

Cicero the more laws the less justice

America has more welfare recipients than full time workers

Boehner kissing Pelosi everything you need to know about American politics

Obama's Democrat party platform

Thousands of men will die from stubbornness no we won't

Islam a cancer that needs to be treated with radiation