The Bookworm Beat 2-22-15 — the illustrated edition, and Open Thread

I’m back and, even better, Caped Crusader is back too, so I’ve got some posters for you. Yay!!

Not standing for the pledge

Hillary takes the ice bucket challenge

Obama is an effective president

Gun control

Are the assholes still in chrage

Barney Fife and the Second Amendment

Second Amendment guns

Vets shouldn't be abandoned

America designed by geniuses run by idiots

Ted Cruz on Cuba and American freedom

Net neutrality

AR-15 It's because I'm black isn't it

Yezedi family escaped from ISIS

Everyone's job to defend American freedom

Al Gore predicting demise of North Pole

Biden on his son and cocaine

Michelle Obama nutrition

Gerard Vanderleun on the lies of communism

Guns don't kill people

The spread of ISIS while Obama golfs

Obama as Uncle Scam

Killers benefit from gun control

Thanks to the troops

Straight white Americans getting lost in the shuffle

Climate change joke

Elie Wiesel on Jew visiting Jerusalem coming home

Gun control cartoon

Obama administration and vets

Liberal media and Charles Manson

Dianne Feinstein's double standard on guns

Shooters who passed background checks

If FDR fought the way Obama does