The Bookworm Beat 2-24-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

A day without posters is like a day without sunshine. Here in Marin, it’s sunny — the trees are covered with pink blossoms, the daffodils are dancing in a gentle breeze, and there’s some elusive spring perfume, from a plant I cannot see, wafting over my garden. I get that but for those of you in the frigid areas of America . . . well, you get posters.

Cold weather in Texas

Barack Obama carries his big selfies stick

50 shades of biden

If only Nazis had a better jobs program


Palestinian movement is pure terrorism

Obama ISIS Tea Party Terrorists

Obama Benghazi Crusades Old News

The Democrat Bookstore Tax and Spend

Camille Paglia on Feminism being dead

Leftwingers read minds of everyone but Islamists

Obama anti-American

If liberal media reported on London Blitz

Roosevelt menance to educate in mind but not morals

Bush and the American flag

Liberals like government not religion

Liberals KKK Islamic terror

Get rid of traitors

If you can't defend your rights you don't have them

Obama not responsible for presidency but we're responsible for Crusades

George Bush

King Abdullah v Obama

Armed women scare liberals

Electronic voting machines

Paris Kosher Deli shooter targeted Jews Obama denies

Armed law abiding citizens

Churchill having a picnic

As always, endless, heartfelt thanks to Caped Crusader.