The Bookworm Beat 2-25-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

The first cartoon in this line-up really resonated with me.  I was talking to someone the other day — a Progressive — who was complaining about her disastrous secretary, who is completely disorganized.

I asked the obvious question.  “Why don’t you fire her?”

“Weeelllll,” she  hedged, “that’s not really possible.”

A little more tooth-pulling, and I got the answer:  “My secretary’s black and female.  My company mostly can’t fire her.”

Let me just say that I consider it profoundly demeaning, and therefore racist, to hold blacks and women, and especially black women, to a lower standard than one would hold other employees. I happen to think that blacks, women, and black women are as capable of being capable as anyone else and that it’s an insult to imply or act otherwise.

(Thanks to Caped Crusader for these great posters.)

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