The Bookworm Beat 4-8-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

Another day, and another round of great posters from Caped Crusader. The only thing I’d add is that, in the poster saying (and proving) that liberalism is about control, there should be a line about those gosh darned liberals taking away my paper and plastic at the grocery store!

Remembering those who died searching for Bowe Bergdahl

Obama hostile to Christians loves Muslims

Progressive America

Obama turned Middle East into war zone

Obama Americans Blind

Mark Allen shot in head searching for Bowe Bergdahl

Pat Buchanan on Liberalism and Sharia

Obama supporters

Income tax free states have better growth

Obama Golf

Dumb people vote Obama

Liberalism is about control

Elizabeth Warren hypocrite

Business Government Profits Revenues

Feminists Oppressed Privileged

Christians and Jews shouldn't own businesses

Gay weddings Christians

Obama will not stop the nuclear bombClick on the image above to enlarge.