The Bookworm Beat 5-3-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

As usual, this splendid collection of posters comes mostly from Caped Crusader, although there are some contributions from other friends interspersed among them:

Bruce Jenner Bill Clinton

Obama Mother Baltimore Riots

Greg Gutfield racist

Obama Iran Nuclear weapon Israel

Hillary's deleted emails

Dinesh D'Souza Thugs Black

Sharpton nationalize police force Hitler

Hillary filed during Watergate

Hillary speaks nonsense

Chicago homicides

Orwell on truth speakers

HIllary Clinton body cameras

Clinton Foundation

Clinton Bill Hillary China Russia Saudi Arabia


Churchill on hope

Constitution law keepers

Leftists redefine words

Leftists save everyone but Christians

If women really earn less why don't they get hired more

Chelsea Clinton 600000 dollars from NBC

Liberals say Mitt too rich but Hillary isn't

Democrats Lies Republicans Truth

RINO senators voted for Lynch