The Bookworm Beat 5-17-15 — the illustrated edition and Open Thread

Caped Crusader sent me a very sweet email asking if he’d been overwhelming me with posters because he’d noticed I hadn’t published pictures from his last few emails. He’s right that I was overwhelmed, but it wasn’t he doing the overwhelming. I simply got so bogged down in the demands on my time, and my own corresponding need to disengage entirely from everything on occasion, that I had missed his emails entirely. I never find his contributions overwhelming because they’re always so perfectly on point, and say in such a pithy manner what it takes me (as you can see) a hundred words to say. So here’s an illustrated edition containing a few things I found on my own, but mostly consisting of the funny, clever, pointed, and thought-provoking posters that Caped Crusader sends my way:

Ted Cruz's promises

Reaganon government's role

Targets PETA bikers

Student janitors


Insurance company says you're better


Irritable vowel syndrome

Bathing suit therapy

Date splitting the bill

The best smart phones

Bad GPS system

Noah after the flood

Men who have accidents

Sore knees

Dog pillows

Voter disgust

Dog's bucket list

Daughter make us proud

Susan Rice's lies


Islam and rape

Hillary Clinton quotations

Transparency and Hillary

Reagan McCain old Hillary not old

Obama and Muslims

Left's language perversion according to Huckabee

Trigger warnings and liberal maturity