The Bookworm Beat 5-18-15 — the illustrated edition, part I

This is my catch-up day, so prepare to be deluged.  I’m happy to report that a large part of this deluge will be posters and cartoons addressing matters both mighty and silly.  As always, while a get a handful of images from my other readers (Sadie, Wolf Howling, Earl, and others who prefer anonymity), the vast bulk come from Caped Crusader.  I owe all of them my thanks.

Walking into a bar

Jewish Japanese sex book

Erectile Dysfunction Democrat Women

Hillary married to serial sexual predator

Left on Bowe Bergdahl and Chris Kyle

Debbie Wasserman Schultz abortion

Facebook posts

Obama hostile to police

Hillary as champion of the middle class

Looting riots

Tax returns cartoon

Michelle Malkin on thugs

Michelle Obama visual joke

Small ideas joke

Texas terrorists Second Amendment

Samuel Adams on freedom

Thank you and you're welcome