The Bookworm Beat 5-23-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread *UPDATED*

I haven’t been keeping track, but it’s entirely possible that this is the biggest and best illustrated edition I’ve ever published.  Many thanks to Caped Crusader, Earl Aagaard, Wolf Howling, and EFK (you know who you are) for their stellar contributions to his post:

Obama Bill Ayers Weatherman Climate Change

Nancy Pelosi Iran Nukes

Real hope and change

Hillary on Benghazi and Trayvon

White privilege often equals hard work

Obama climate change terrorism

School lunches Obama kids

Self-esteem issues Walmart

American paratroopers

Children on welfare

Amtrak crash and Leftist exploitation

Geller on free speech

Ex's are chalk lines in Texas

Left and Right free speech

Sick society when people use government to steal

Kochs Obama Tom Steyer

Black lives matter stop killing each other

swarming destructive democrats

Chesteron religion jokes

More trustworthy than Obama

Pope on Palestine and Holocaust

UPDATE: The cartoon jived with my understanding of the Vatican being passive during WWII. In his comment, MichaelAdams explained what really happened:

Pope Pius was NOT silent regarding the Holocaust. The NAZI responded to his Christmas Encyclical, in 1942, iirc, by arresting Dutch Catholics of Jewish descent, including Sister Edith Stein, martyred at Auschwitz. When American troops entered Rome in 1945, a young officer rode his jeep up to the gates of the Vatican and asked, “You guys OK?” The answer was that the clergy and religious (nuns and monks) were used to an abstemious life anyway, but there were about five thousand Jews hiding out within the City, who were in pretty desperate need of food and medicine. Pope Pius XII is memorialized in Israel as one of the Righteous Among the Nations for his dedication to the preservation of Jewish lives. Stalin tried to float the idea of Catholic complicity in the Holocaust in the immediate post-war period. This notion went nowhere, because people still alive could remember the facts all too well. In the ’60’s, Hochhuth (A Communist?)wrote his play, The Deputy, to revive the slander, with somewhat more success.

VA Government run health care

Obamacare required law not volunteers

Climate change and military

Osama bin Laden and porn

Gowdy grilling on Memorial Day

National Motorcycle safety month

Black votes matter to Democrats

Clinton Dead End

The Iraq question for Obama

Obama and Warren sexist and racist

Hillary as the wizard of oz

Don Quixote

Man's day and woman's day