The Bookworm Beat 7-6-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

My goodness, but my family does take time!  Still, with help from friends, especially Caped Crusader, I’ve got some fun cartoons and posters:

Liberals gay marriage second amendment

Al Sharpton racist

Barbecued Constitution Obama

Metric system moon landings

Nancy Pelosi income inequality

Hackers ISIS virgins

Scalia on fortune cookie writing from Supreme Court

How the Left sees America's founding

Peaceful Muslims scary Christians

Golfing with a howitzer

Original rebel flag

Spirit of 2015

Dolezal pales next to Hillary

Trump on illegal immigrants

Obama's wars

Secretary of State and Dolezal

Bad attitude

Betrayal never comes from enemies

I do not have PMS

Cats people don't land on their feet

How to hide things from boys

Anger management

Favorite books

Cat and dog toilet