The Bookworm Beat 9-10-15 — the gigantically huge and incredible illustrated edition (and open thread)

I tried to post these last night, but my site was down.  I’ve had better luck this morning, which is good because these posters, most from Caped Crusader, are really good:

Hillary apology 3

Everyone once agreed with Kim Davis

Hillary's apology 2

Hillary's apology

Trump v Biden gaffe fest

Cannot wash hands of blood

Don't understand economics

Kim Davis no bail

Gay agenda to criminalize christianity

Judge who jailed Davis an activist

Lesbianjudge and Kim Davis

Forcing morality on others

Immigration or invasion

Saudi Arabia

Real refugees

Iran takes our money and creates refugee crisis

Visit Iran

Visit Iran stoning

Media and the Middle East

Soda Stream BDS


Bush and Obama Iraq

Iran deal fine print

Police officers killed in 2015

Sheriff Clarke on President Obama's war on police


Obama and SF no jail for breaking law


de Tocqueville on democracy and socialism

Stand back or stand up

Information age

Tacitus on corrupt states and laws

Farrakhan inciting murder

Aristotle on cowards and slavery

Islamists and right wing militia threats

Liberals emptying mental hospitals