The Bookworm Beat 9-13-15 — the “good friend” edition and open thread *UPDATED*

Woman-writing-300x265My weekend got derailed because my mother is ill. She’s in a skilled nursing facility, but likes my company. I also am a fixed reference point when she gets delirious, so I can help re-orient her. Fortunately, my insistently anonymous friend knows what interests me and sent me a wonderful compendium of news stories:

She’s even incompetent at being a crook

Now, this is interesting.  According to Hillary’s tech company that took control of her server in 2013, it has never been wiped.  This story is just getting more bizarre by the minute.  And yet again, one has to wonder about the incredible gymnastics Hildabeast and her attorney have gone through not to answer questions about the server.  What is going on?  Inquiring minds really want to know.

You’d think Hillary and her team would understand the difference between a local hard drive and an off-site server, at least when it comes to deleting content.  Sheesh!

Certainly she has her supporters, though.  The Justice Dept. filed in a FOIA case a brief saying that Hildabeast had a right to unilaterally delete her emails without any review by a third party officer, as required by State Dept. regulations upon her end of service.  It would appear that we are indeed going to get treated to the world’s most blatant double legal standards and that DOJ is going to protect Hildabeast and State.

Run-amok feminism turns every male into a dangerous sex fiend

The world is truly going insane.  A 13yr old boy kisses a 14yr old girl on a dare and he is being charged for assault.  Good God, radical feminism is gone on steroids.  This is child abuse.  If I am the kid’s father, I am bringing a lawsuit against the charging authority as part of a war on boys against the school system and the administrators who referred this to the police.  Unfortunately, government immunity shields the prosecutor who filed this, but I’d go after him too and make him plead.

Meanwhile, the NYT Magazine (of all places!) has a very good article on the two schools of feminist thought as it relates to males in the context of the insane “sexual assault” regulations being adopted on the basis of feminist thought holding all heterosexual sex to be rape.  What hacks my friend off is that the Harvard Law Prof who actually makes sense justifies her position not on the fact that these new regulations are deeply unfair to males as a whole, but on the fact that they are unfair to black males.

Europeans are divided about Muslim invasion

Our Western media likes to show the welcoming crowds for the incoming Muslim hordes (focusing on the women and children and ignoring the men, who make up 72% of the incoming people).  The reality is that not all of Europe is happy with what’s going on.  My friend points to a very good post at NR’s Corner on the internal disputes in the EU over the Islamic invasion.  As the Hungarians see it, this is picking up where they left off in 1683.

Leftist chic and black power — reunited and it feels so good

Remember the days in the 1960’s when the white neo-Stalinist Marxists where feting the Black Panthers?  There was some famous, quite rich white idiot who used to throw cocktail parties and have them over.  [Neither my friend nor I can remember the guy’s name. UPDATE:  Lulu writes “The brilliant Leonard Bernstein hosted the Black Panthers in his Manhattan penthouse. Radical chic.”]  I am getting a deja vu feeling, only far, far worse.  At least the original Black Panther Party had a rational reason for existence.  Compare that to Black Lives Matter, founded on pure BS and solely for political reasons.

Jason Riley’s explanation of it yesterday was perfect.  And yet, Black Lives Matter Leader Lands Yale Teaching Gig.  And of course, what is going on in California is no better, where the university system will no longer tolerate intolerant expressions.

Leftist science — it’s only “real” science if it supports our politics

Surprise, surprise.  The left loves science, except when it comes to inconvenient conclusions.  Yesterday was Ray Mabus, the Navy Sec., refusing to accept the results of a Marine Corps study that showed exactly what you would it expect it to about women in the infantry.  Today, it is women with their knickers in a twist because a large study of hiring in science jobs finds that companies and universities today show a clear preference for women over identically qualified men.