The Bookworm Beat 10-28-15 — the speed dial edition and open thread

Woman-writing-300x265My challenge to myself is to give you as many links as possible in the ten minutes I have left before I have to go to the veterinarian with my dog. This will be my fourth doctor’s visit this week, which is quite impressive considering that I am in the pink of health.

The mullahs send Obama a signal

You know the old joke about the man who goes up to a beautiful woman at a swank party and asks, “Would you sleep with me for $1,000,000?”

The woman blushes and coyly whispers back, “I’m so flattered. Why, yes, I think I would.”

The man asks a follow-up question: “Would you sleep with me for $10?”

The woman turns red, slaps the man in the face, and asks angrily, “What do you take me for? A whore?”

Answers the man, “We’ve already established what you are. Now we’re just haggling about the price.”

Keep that joke in mind as you read about Iran, having taken Obama’s measure and gotten all the benefits of the bargain, is making sure to show Obama just what the mullahs think of him and his country.

Antisemitism goes mainstream

If you’re an antisemite, this link showing people all over the world flashing antisemitic signals in the places most likely to disrespect Jews and their memory will delight you. All moral, decent, honorable, kind, and good people will be disgusted.

Antisemitic Leftists

Not all the hate comes from the Muslims and neo-Nazis. A lot of it comes from those Jews incubated in the toxic stew of Leftism.

Europe’s gamble on Muslims will fail

Merkel thinks she’s being clever: European socialism was always predicated on the theory that the younger generation would work hard and “pay it forward” in the expectation that the next generation would happily work hard to pay for the older group’s generous entitlements. But what happens when your people are so self-centered that they can’t even be bothered to have children any more? Well, if you’re Merkel, you import a whole new younger generation — and how great is it when that younger generation, complete with massive families (thanks to numerous wives) shows up on your doorstep just begging to be let in?

Daniel Greenfield bursts the bubble that Merkel and her cohorts have been building around themselves. What they are doing — and it’s probably already too late to stop — is killing the Europe that has been a continuous world entity since Rome’s fall.

The Onion “gets” Hillary

Hillary is funny. Honest. She says so herself — or at least, The Onion imagines what it would be like if she did say so.