[VIDEO] Ted Cruz goes full Gingrich and vigorously attacks the hard-Left moderators *UPDATED*

The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media. This is not a cage match. And if you look at the questions — “Donald Trump, are you a comic book villain?” “Ben Carson, can you do math?” “John Kasich, will you insult two people over here?” “Marco Rubio, why don’t you resign?” “Jeb Bush, why have your numbers fallen?” — How about talking about the substantive issues people care about? [Wild applause.]

[A moderator whines.]

Carl, I’m not finished yet. The contract with the Democrat debate, where every fawning question from the media was “Which of you is more handsome and wise?” And let me be clear. . . .

[A moderator again interrupts, pretending to be substantive about the debt limit, and then warns Cruz, who is coughing hard, that he has 30 seconds left to answer “should you choose to do so.”]

Let me be clear: The men and women on this stage have more ideas, more experience, more common sense than every participant in the Democratic debate. That debate reflected a debate between the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. And nobody watching at home believes that any of the moderators have any intention of voting in a Republican primary. The questions that are being asked shouldn’t be trying to get people to tear into each other. It should be what are your substantive [cut off by frightened, angry moderator].

I’ve already made clear that I’m a Ted Cruz supporter. He did just the right thing to cement that support.

UPDATE: I’m not the only one who was thrilled.