The Bookworm Beat 11-7-15 — Saturday special illustrated edition and open thread

Ironically enough, a bad week for our nation is always a good week for political and social cartoons.  In no particular order:

Ted Cruz rescinding Obama

How the media reports stabbings in America and Israel

Obama's gift to Hillary

The only Arabs with freedom live in Israel

A popular bug spray in Egypt

EU boycotts Israeli products

Imams drive the murder in the streets

Imam backs down when pressured

Kentucky's lieutenant governor

Donald Trump's cat hair

Tolerant Islam

Missing Arab brains

Media attacks on Ben Carson

Al Gore keeping the dream alive

Not vetting baggage handlers

Spot the real feminist

Restroom accommodation

Minecraft v real world

6 mil and chocolate

I cantaloupe

Headline fails

Keeping walking cats

And to end on a happy note:

Little Old Lady twin girls