The Bookworm Beat 12-1-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

Although Obama has almost managed to go beyond parody, his latest pronouncement about a climate change summit putting the fear into ISIS was certainly manna to a lot of political cartoonists.  There’s other funny or meaningful stuff out there too, if you know where to look:

Scaring terrorists with weather discussion Obama

Obama ISIS climate change

Obama scares ISIS with climate change

Leaders declare war on

Obama's silence when Muslims kill Jews

Obama welcoming potential terrorists

Being religious doesn't mean being a killer

Middle Eastern country where women go to college in jeans

Sharia law worse than slavery

Iowahawk on climate conference

Climate change is a hoax

3 feet of global warming snow

Wind generators and Santa tangle

Gun control victim


illegal aliens legal baby

Citizen versus subject

It's 430 bc all over again

Chicago pastor turns on Democrats

Charlton Heston on political correctness

Cat trapped in folk music environment

Camping store pun

Show-off deer with tree behind it

New diet program

Hair transplant

Angry bell pepper

How workplace violence starts donuts