The Bookworm Beat 12-13-15 — the illustrated edition and open thread

I have so many spectacularly good political cartoons (plus some just plain funny stuff) that you may need to calendar a block of time to look at this post:

Ted Cruz as president

Think voting Ted Cruz

HIllary shredded evidence

Hillary's lack of accomplishments

Hillary Trump

Obama Trump demagogues

Background check to buy a gun but not run a country

Cruz Background checks to Syrians before giving them weapons

Obamacare forces us to buy insurance but not to be citizens

Martin Luther King would have hated Obama

Planned Parenthood and gun control

Osama Obama good for Islam

Democrats in charge but not responsible

Presidents Marines umbrellas

White House ignored Benghazi calls but congratulates athletes for being gay

Reagan bombed Libya when they killed Americans

Obama insulting Islam

Voltaire you cannot criticize your ruler

Thomas Sowell on giving decision-making to people with no consequences

Calvin Coolidge on the tyranny of taxes that do not benefit citizens

Founding fathers questioned government

Liberal if flags offend more than baby livers

All Lives Matter a hate crime

Leftists want to redesign suburbia

Orwell and Chesterton

Deport old people save money

Women and politics Left and Right

California bullet train failure

Numbers for the Left

Animal adoptions and baby abortions

Gun control in one picture

Gun owners fight terrorists

End gender confusion look in your underwear

Wounded female veterans

Democrat cities gun control gun crime


Gun safety in Wisconsin

Immigrants veterans medical care

Osama Obama good for Islam

Unknown soldier guards no umbrella


Clinton did someone say pussy

Saudi Arabia offended by Trump

Black power White power racist

criminals before and after gun bans


To smell a guy's colon