The Bookworm Beat 12-24-15 — the Christmas Eve illustrated edition and Open Thread *UPDATED*

There’s actually not anything specifically “Christmas Eve” about this Open Thread but, because this evening is Christmas Eve, it seemed appropriate to acknowledge it in the title.  What you will find here, in lieu of Christmas things, are awesome political cartoons.

Feminism in the Islamic world

Palestinians support terror against Israel

Not taking sides is a form of taking sides Elie Wiesel

Bedouin and Israeli fighter

New York Times anti-Israel bias

Lynch's racist approach to stifling speech

Israeli's record on Benghazi

Obama the great gun seller

Obama's ISIS strategy clearly spelled out

Money or vote for Hillary

Obama would have been impeached if white

Obama logic on background checks

Obama and Putin's cat

James Wood on Obama guns and race

Netanyahu scolds Obama

Baltimore, Blacks, Racism, and Ruin

Adults who believe in Barack Obama

Gun store

Throwing away liquid explosives at the airport

Gavin Newsom and gun control

Nazis immediately disarmed Breslau Jews

Housekeeping style

UPDATE: If you’re yearning for Christmas-themed cartoons, even though the Watcher’s Council is on vacation this week, our splendid watcher has put up a wonderful cornucopia of Christmas cartoons and music.