The Bookworm Beat 1/19/16 — the outstandingly excellent illustrated edition and open thread

I’m so pleased to report that Caped Crusader, after a devastating illness, is well on his way to recovery. A large number of these superb posters are from him. Welcome back, friend!

American men Muslim men women and children war zone

US Army can kill ISIS

US Army can hook you up with 72 virgins

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Islam

Muslims protesting Paris terror attacks

women in burqas not normal

Paris attacks Obama idiot

Obama could punish Syria by being president

Waiting for Obama to speak out against radical Islam

Obama threatening Putin

Obama sees self as warrior world sees as fool

Carson brilliant Obama records sealed

Hillary and Obama allowed Muslim terrorists to grow

Would any company hire Hillary just because she's a woman

Hillary tracks guns but not her emails or her husband

How did Clintons get rich

Kerry traitor always

Kerry always a traitor

Socialism thinks humans are bad and must be ruled

Liberals are that stupid about Islamists

Bill de Blasio is New York values

goal of socialism is communism lenin sanders

No guns to terrorists or democrats indistinguishable

Texans don't give up guns

Charlton Heston on guns with bad guys and good guys

Paris is a gun free zone

Kennedy on armed vigilant Americans

Republicans who stay home elect Democrats

Dogs and cats

Kid training grandma on iPad

Amphibious pitcher

Bacon fights Alzheimer's

Reptile dysfunction

Silly puns