[VIDEOS] If you think our culture has degraded, you’re right, and these videos prove it

Iggy AzaleaMy son wanted me to watch a video that he and his peers find incredibly funny.  Someone got hold of footage of Iggy Azalea, a young Australian rapper, “freestyling” and spent a lot of time putting together subtitles.  Aside from the “F” word’s frequent appearance (consider yourself warned), the result is complete gibberish:

Iggy Azalea, incidentally, is a very wealthy young woman because of her skills as a rapper.

My son next showed me footage of Eminem, who is richer than God, freestyling. He uses actual words (again, a language warning), but put together they spell simplistic nonsense:

I’m willing to admit that trying to create rhythmic rhyme on the spur of the moment is a difficult task, but the result of their efforts is just so demoralizing. All I could think of as I watched these fast-tongued nonsense talkers was Tom Leher:

Yes, our culture has degraded. I’ll take brilliant, sophisticated, well-practiced word play any day over obscene, nonsensical spur-of-the-moment gibberish.