[VIDEO] The boondoggle behind dirty electric cars

ford-focus-electric-2As the “proud” owner of one fully electric car and one hybrid electric, I’ve written before about the fact that they are an economic scam. The government throws money at potential purchasers, but even with the huge financial incentives, only the upper middle class and beyond can afford them. In other words, the taxpaying working class funds rich people’s electric cars. It’s disgusting — but the system is what it is, so when Mr. Bookworm, who is very supportive of green causes, wanted to get us some subsidized new cars, I wasn’t about to say no.

Also, the electric cars are fun. The Ford Focus Electric may only have a 60 mile range, but it’s a darling little car to drive and goes from zero to sixty with surprising elan. As for the Ford Fusion Hybrid-Electric, while it only has a 20 mile electric range before switching to hybrid mode, that little battery was enough to qualify for discounts and carpool lanes. It lacks zip, but it’s still a lovely car to drive (and would be just as lovely if it were only a hybrid, without the electric part). If you’re going to get the benefit of a corrupt government boondoggle (and I don’t blame Ford for a minute, since I think the corruption emanates from Democrats), the Fords are a lovely way to go.

Aside from the financial scam, though, electric cars are also a green scam. This is something else I’ve known for some time, but Bjorn Lomborg puts it all together in an easy to understand video: