Today’s “classy” Leftist Facebook post reacting to Scalia’s death

It’s illuminating to have Leftist friends on Facebook. This showed up on my feed when another Leftist friend “liked” it:

Leftist on Scalia's death

Both the person who originally used Facebook to pass on that tweet and the person who liked the Tweet (which is how it crossed my radar) seem oblivious to the fact that Scalia’s body is not harboring another life.  Even if one disagreed with Scalia, he had a morality-based, coherent world view that erred in favor of promoting life.  The people who celebrate his death objected to him because he tried to put barriers in the way of their killing others.

As I always say, as an old-time Democrat myself, I can envision situations in which I would support abortion.  However, whenever I read modern Leftists on the subject, I am so repulsed by their single-minded focus on killing that I want nothing to do with them or their belief system.