[VIDEO] Everything Trump says is a lie, including “and” and “the”

Donald TrumpDear Trump supporters:

There is no nice way to say this — Donald Trump has been lying to you.  If you’re an Evangelical voter, he’s been a true sinner pretending to be saved in order to get your vote.  If you’re a conservative, he’s been pretty much a lifelong Democrat, with the only difference now being that he’s added in a xenophobia (as in, the only illegals he likes are the ones working at his hotels).  And if you’re a “he’s a winner” voter, no he’s not.  He’s made less than he could have if he’d done nothing with his inheritance, and to the extent he claims he’s a billionaire, a lot of those billions look like debt.

Sometimes when you’re beginning to realize you’ve been lied to, instead of admitting that someone tricked you, it’s tempting to double down on that position rather than backing away.  I urge you to walk away, though.  This isn’t about your ego; it’s about your nation.  Ben Shapiro has damning facts about Trump’s lies.  Any honest person — and that means you — needs to watch this before voting tomorrow or at any day thereafter, and take this information into account:

Oh, and for you Jewish voters, if he’s claiming to be a neutral between Israel and the Palestinians, he’s no friend of Israel. In the battle between good and evil, there is no middle ground. You’re aiding evil if you say “I won’t take sides.”