My theory about Obama’s limp wrist moment with Raoul Castro

I have to admit to finding fascinating that bizarre limp wrist Obama displayed when Raoul Castro attempted to lift his arm for a “We are the champions” photo op. It’s entirely possible that Obama thought it would be rude to yank his arm out of Raoul’s grasp, and did the next best thing, which was to go all floppy:


But I have a theory — and I want you to understand that this theory is just as serious as the famous “theory about dinosaurs” in the classic Monty Python sketch — and this is my theory (cough, cough):

My theory is that Obama, who has made a name for himself as a gay rights activist, was giving a subtle shout-out to all of the homosexuals who have been persecuted in Cuba since the days of Che.  Che, of course, famously enjoyed imprisoning, torturing, and executing them. That’s why I thought it was so open-minded when a lesbian couple I knew chose to dress their infant son in a Che onesie.  What could be a stronger sign of solidarity, after Obama forced himself to pose cheerfully in front of Che’s picture, than the famous gay “limp wristed” salute?

Of course, Obama understood that Cuba is our friend, so he couldn’t straight out castigate the Castro government for routinely violating gender rights as he did when he was in Kenya last year.  To hide his agenda, therefore, Obama had to make that bizarre statement in Cuba lauding its socialist system and wishing that America had the same.  After all, Obama has always been clear that the country he leads, the one with that nice Constitution and Bill of Rights, is every bit as evil as Cuba, with its history of imprisoning dissidents, its complete government control of a disaster economy, its total absence of free speech, and its cheerful support of every murderous tyrant on planet earth.  But I digress….

Back to that gif that keeps replaying above:  Obviously, Obama’s pro-socialism speech and his Che photo op were just clever misdirection on his part. It’s obvious looking at the picture that Obama’s entire plan, once in Cuba, was to signal to gay dissidents that he will be there for them — and Raoul’s arm grab gave him the opportunity he needed to send that covert message.

(Do I need, at this point, to remind anyone that the above is sarcasm?)