The Bookworm Beat 3/25/16 — the Second Amendment illustrated edition

Again, my apologies for a quiet day.  Between finalizing some matters relating to my Mom’s estate, relatives in from out-of-town, and just a touch of existential despair about the news, I either didn’t have time or heart to blog today.  I do however have wonderful posters.  This illustrated edition is dedicated to the Second Amendment.  I happen to think it’s the most important Amendment as a practical matter because, without it, American citizens have no way to ensure that the government respects any of the other Amendments:

If guns banned second revolution

Get rid of inner city violence by taking white Wyoming man's gun

Islam gun free zones and mass slaughter

Gun control because they've already taken everything else

Job for ISIS holding down gun range targets

Don't buy a gun if you don't like them

When there are no guns free Obama phones will track body

Dailing 911 or using gun when attacked

Mass murder sites are gun free zones

Gun control drug control

Adolph Hitler lauded gun control

Second Amendment guns Jefferson

criminals and dictators prefer no guns

Gun control