The Bookworm Beat 3/26/16 — Saturday morning sillies illustrated edition

Spending the morning trying to teach a reluctant teenage boy something he needs to know has given me a strong desire to find relief in laughter. This collection of silly stuff, with a few dollops of wisdom, should help:

Silly stuff bacon seeds

Silly Pictures of grandmother sluts

Silly Trapped in a Haiku factory

Silly Vegan co-worker

Silly Son accident dirty underwear

Silly Happiness is a shitty memory

Silly Politics as defined by Groucho Marx

Silly Ben Franklin born ignorant work for stupid

Silly Before Facebook nonsense in people's heads

Silly Washing machine on fire

Silly Best warning sign ever ninjas pirates

Silly Drunk man kisses mask on back of woman's head

Silly Jealous dog photo

Silly Dog avoiding bath

Silly Yoga and Vodka

Silly Carrot pun

Silly Road to success truck under overpass

Silly Coffin honk for grandma

Silly Communication problem listening