The Bookworm Beat 4/11/16 — the illustrated edition and open thread

Crazy times; good posters:

Cruz contested election Lincoln

Hillary Trump Hitler killing people

Bernie Hillary money

Hillary Obama Parasites Politicians

Hillary campaign funding

Bernie Sanders free education


Election GOP Trump

Trump whining

Trump delegate rules

Trump liberals self exile

Gender Stupid Leftists underwear

Stupid liberals voter fraud bin laden

Stupid Liberals gender definitions

Stupid liberals minimum wage Icarus

Stupid Liberals gender identity

Stupid Liberals banning and forcing

Stupid Liberals Multiculturalism Indians weren't necessarily good

Blacks great society failure

Blacks white stereotypes

Kanye West Allen West Blacks African Americans

Guns self defense

Gun safety study shows

Tax Leftists Government

Government Free speech Political correctness is a form of control

Police killers terrorists

Police Martin Luther King dream

Police Black Lives Matter

Police killers are domestic terrorists

Silly skulls of enemies

Silly drunk and sober driving Wisconsin

Silly code Bletchley