[VIDEOS] Women’s fears about men in their bathrooms

Transgender Curtis, Tony (Some Like it Hot)_01
A couple of cross-dressers who remained very interested in women.

Faded rock stars and PC corporations have jumped on board the “men can go in the women’s bathroom if they claim to be transgender” bandwagon.  What’s notable, though, when one considers the speed with which the Left is effecting a vast gender experiment, is that nobody has done a poll asking women what they think when a deep-voiced, penis-bearing person in a dress tries to share the bathroom with them.

One guy’s very small survey revealed that some ordinary women, unless they’re very PC, are . . . suspicious, to say the least:

Women on the Left are getting a swift, painful lesson about the fact that they’re no longer near the top of the Leftist victim hierarchy.  While they still rate ahead of straight white men (all of whom are obviously rapists or potential rapists), they don’t rate ahead of Muslim men, many of whom believe rape is their Allah-given right; or ahead of men in dresses who want to use women’s restrooms, whether because they’re legitimately transgender or because they’re dangerous perverts seizing an irresistible opportunity.

As regards that second category — dangerous men — one of my very Leftist friends put up a poster on her Facebook page regarding the bathroom risks from transgender men:

Transgender safety in bathrooms

I pretty much killed enthusiasm for that poster when I agreed with its premise — that true transgender men do not pose a risk to women — but suggested that women aren’t worried about the true transgenders. Instead, they’re worried about the perverts who piggyback on our suicidal compassion for a minutely small segment of the population:

Hat tip: Earl Aagaard