Donald Trump is the Republican Party candidate *UPDATED*

A few points:

1. I think that, henceforth, we will no longer speak of “black swans” (i.e., utterly unforeseeable events that alter an otherwise predictable trajectory), but instead we will speak of “orange swans.”

2. Trump is a media creation.  (UPDATE:  And the media, having used him to drive others from the Republican field, will now destroy him.)

3. Just like the bizarre energy force in Star Trek’s “Day of the Dove,” Trump feeds on anger and other violent emotions.

4. Trump’s rise was inevitable once states created open primaries (which I rage against here in the context of Trump’s rise). Those who thought open primaries would drive states to the center were fools. Trump appealed to a coalition of angry, entirely disaffected liberals who have been furious at the way RINOs have subordinated conservativism to hard Left values (never mind that Trump espouses many of those same values) and to Democrats who agree with Trump about everything, including his racism. (And one doesn’t have to be racist to oppose our open border — but Trump’s Democrats seem to feed on the ugly racism Trump too often espouses.)

5. I’m tempted to vote for Bernie in the California primary, because if we’re going to Hell — meaning a nation that is no longer a free-market, constitutional entity — I’d like it to be a fast trip down. Sometimes it’s easier to recover from a sudden plunge than from a slow slide. Hillary will be a slow slide, as will Trump. [UPDATE: John Hindraker, in addition to saying that Trump won a definitive victory, is an anyone but Hillary voter. I would agree if I were certain the Trump would nominate hardcore conservatives to the Supreme Court. For me, the jury is still out on that one. After Trump suggested his sister, an ardent Leftist judge, for the Supreme Court, I got very, very worried.]

6. Ted Cruz fought one of the most brilliant rear-guard political actions I’ve ever seen. In four years, he’ll be a formidable opponent and, I hope, take the White House in time to get our country back on a Constitutional track.

UPDATE:  I find it very hard not to agree with everything Larry Correia says.