The Bookworm Beat 5/9/16 — the illustrated edition and open thread

I have paying legal work I need to do over the next few hours but, fortuitously, I also have what seems like an unending number of political and silly cartoons (or “memes,” as all of them seem to be called today).  I hope you enjoy them:

Election candidates

Election Hillary versus Trump

Election delegate rules on left and right

Election campaign going down the drain

Election stupid voters

Election Republicans who don't vote Democrats

Hillary on abortion

Hillary paid massively for memoirs

Trump Hillary worse

Hillary lipstick on a pig

Hillary deleted the truth

Hillary Progressive tradition discrimination

Trump media's obsessive coverage

Trump movie alien cartoon

Trump support from Newt Gingrich

Trump rally

Obama on North Korea

Obama National debt

Climate change heated debates

Climate change sustainable energy con

Stupid liberals climate change

Guns government treats armed citizens badly

Guns Pope antigun has an armory

Guns Second Amendment not because of deer

Wisdom defining a tax audit

Tax armed robbery

Tax Government American functioned before income tax

Stupid liberals violent Islam

Stupid liberals American Revolution versus today's Progressives

Stupid liberals Religion atheists deny and hate God

Stupid liberals Warren paid huge amount for teaching complains about costs

Stupid liberals free education

Wisdom teach kids of heroes and courage

Wisdom big government

Silly only kids can unlock iPhone

Silly term paper all tech no content

Silly white twit turf wars

Silly modern art

Silly Coyote and roadrunner

Silly short history of California

Silly handsome repair person

Silly cat kill dog warn

Silly talking homicide victims