The Bookworm Beat 5/31/16 — the illustrated edition and open thread

It’s only been a few days since my last illustrated edition but I’ve already got such a large collection you may have to put aside a few quiet minutes to appreciate fully the wisdom and humor you’ll find here. On second thought, make that more than a few minutes. These are wonderful and worth your time.

Obama Bathroom Gender

Gender bathrooms

Bathroom lady at urinal

Bathroom gender plug

Bathroom concerned father

Bathroom gender delusional

Never Trump insanity
(Our very own Sadie created the above poster.)

Obama bathroom safe space

Obama unemployment numbers

Obama son not Marine

Obama abortions Muslims alcohol

Obama at bat

Hillary Trump Election debate

Hillary avoided prosecution so far

Hillary needs Bill's help

Hillary ugly naked

Hillary Bernie free shit bullshit

Hillary Trump Hitler

Bernie socialist beer prices

Bernie hypocrisy basketball game

Dementia Bernie

Guns Chicago killings no NRA members

Guns California laws

Guns conservatives not violent or destructive

Guns cars drunks

Race lies hoaxes

Blacks race ignorance

Crime Clinton Cosby rapes

Crime justice involved youth

Stupid liberals abortion and capital crimes

Immigration human capital to abuse

Immigration Marine Le Pen

Immigration Israel border wall

Islam Christians murder

Islam Golda Meir Jews

Wisdom Reagan on American dream of opportunity

Wisdom Reagan bombed Libya

Wisdom Caesar educates children to be Romans

Wisdom Margaret Thatcher on socialism power to the people

Wisdom No apologies for America

Wisdom Walter Williams on capitalism

Stupid liberals destroying business

Stupid liberals racist against Mexico

Stupid liberals take offense at everything

Stupid liberals low standards

Stupid liberals Twain on media corruption

Stupid liberals bikers behave better

Stupid liberals Paul Revere ride

Stupid liberals skulls

Stupid liberals professors should teach for free

Stupid liberals get news from comedy channel

Stupid liberals cost of education

Stupid liberals HuffPo less diversity than NRA

Silly parrots attack media

Silly stuff men don't correct women

Silly ready in five minutes

Silly evolution