Brexit and #NeverTrump — the losers’ edition

Toddler having temper tantrumProbably others have already noticed this, but it suddenly flashed on me that the transnational elites’ response to the successful “Leave” vote for Brexit is precisely the same as the #NeverTrumps’ endless temper tantrums about the fact that the wrong man won. When push comes to shove, the sophisticates, whether in the EU, the Progressive Left, or the GOP, believe in democracy only when they win.  Otherwise, it’s “You’re stupid and I’m not going to play with you and I’m taking my marbles and I hope you die or that the bully beats you up because you’re stupid!”  Or, as The Razor says,

Some things are too important to put to a vote when that some thing is your pet project. Democracy doesn’t work when votes are cast and you lose. The meltdown of the progressive transnational elite isn’t surprising to those of us who have raised kids. It’s nothing more than a toddler laying down in the aisle of the grocery store to have a fit when you refuse to buy him a breakfast cereal sugar-bomb, just those freaking out are much older, better dressed and speak with pleasant accents. Many of these people truly believe that they know better than others, and they cannot believe that the ignorant masses ignored them to do the opposite.

The Razor is referring to the post-Brexit meltdown amongst the “Remain” supporters, but what he says applies as well to those who insist that they will not vote for Trump because their principles are so important that they’d rather see Hillary turn the Supreme Court into a Progressive playground; seize Americans’ guns; continue Obama’s refusal to acknowledge that there’s a cancer in Islam that needs to be excised before it kills us; leave us with an open, unsecured southern border; accelerate amnesty to create a permanent Progressive voting base; turn the White House into a pay-for-play scheme the likes of which no one — not even her husband — contemplated; and at all times be vulnerable to blackmail by multifarious actors such as Russian, China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and anyone else who wants to have a behind-the-scenes role in American politics.

When Hillary’s had her day in America, the same principles that allowed sore losers to take a stand against Trump are going to be cold comfort to them and to the rest of us.

Look, I’m as unhappy about Trump as the next actual conservative.  Heck, my candidate was (and will continue to be in 2020 and 2024) Ted Cruz, the purest constitutional candidate ever to run for office. Trump, with his scattershot emotionalism and his populist stances that range from Left to Right is the antithesis of what I want in a presidential candidate — but he’s still better than Hillary.  I will always put country above party.

Evan Sayet sums up my feelings nicely:

If this election were a referendum on Donald Trump, I’d vote against him. But it’s not. It’s a choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton and, as such, I have no choice but to support — and support wholeheartedly — Mr. Trump. While I know Trump is going to do some bad things, and I fear he will do more, I have NO doubt that, as a Modern Liberal (as well as a sick and corrupt narcissist) Clinton will not only always be wrong, she will always be as wrong as wrong can be.

I don’t believe that, in his heart and whatever mishmash of ideology Trump may have, he believes that the Jews and Christians are the bad guys and the Islamic terrorists are the innocent victims. I don’t think he believes in his heart, as does Clinton, that it’s the cops who are the evil, racists murdering sweet and innocent black children because they’re murderers. I don’t believe he thinks that working hard and succeeding is proof of some kind of evil. I don’t believe Trump believes that America is an evil nation and that we need to continue to “fundamentally transform” it into some other nation.

These are CLINTON’S deeply-held ideological beliefs and they’re going to lead her to side with our enemies and against our friends, to side with Islamic terrorists and weaken and undermine Judaism (most obviously Israel), on our streets she’s going to weaken the police and embolden the murderers (see Baltimore for example) and, as a matter of policy and ideology, she’s going to empower and embolden the Islamic terrorists who now operate so effectively in places like Istanbul while, at the same time, disarming Americans and taking away our ability to defend ourselves.

The referendum on Trump ended when a plurality of fed-up conservatives and old-fashioned Democrats had it up to here and beyond with the current administration’s insanity, and wanted a politician who neither promoted the insanity (that would be a Democrat) or passively supported it (that would be the erntire GOP panoply, except for Cruz who unfortunately got swept out with the bath water).

Don’t be a Brexit whiner. It’s over. We’re stuck with Trump and need to make the best of it.