[VIDEO] Please enjoy watching Daniel Hannan politely, but firmly, bitch slap the execrable Christine Amanpour

Daniel Hannan Christine AmanpourChristine Amanpour is not a journalist. She’s a vicious, unprincipled, loud-mouthed, bullying partisan hack, who has no interest in investigating issues but, instead, simply wants to imprint her hard Left, anti-West narrative on everything she touches. That’s why it’s so delightful to see Daniel Hannan refuse to let her bulldoze him and then put her firmly in her place.

Amanpour, incidentally, is typical of the transnational self-styled “elite” who have sought to control the Western world for their own benefit for the past 20 or so decades. While they’ve enriched themselves, they’ve impoverished the middle class, and reduced the very poor to such an infantile, dependent level that they can no longer care for themselves. My dream is to see the middle and working classes throughout the Western world rise up and, through the democratic process (i.e., the ballot box), remove all power from the hands of Amanpour and her ilk. They are fatuous, yet horribly dangerous, people who need to be sidelined. In a just world, Amanpour would be cleaning the toilets at a gas station, not broadcasting her toxic (and often highly antisemitic, and therefore anti-Israel) effluvia to the world.